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12 Things to do at home during the quarantine

We are going to have an excess of idle time in the coming weeks and it might be good to tackle some long standing items on your to-do list or add some more. If you are already running out of ideas here are a few that I came up with.

Organize your closets, drawers, garage, attic or basement

It’s always a good idea to downsize and remove clutter from your life, you can create a lot of peace in your life by removing the things you don’t need that hide in drawers, closets and cupboards.

Keep a running grocery list

Add all of the things you run out of as you finish them. Involve the whole family. Add some wish list items like toilet paper, paper towels and bread. Plus if you make it in a shareable way in a note taking app on your phone you can split it up with your family members so they can scour the supermarket and you can all keep a safe distance from others and each other.

Hand wash your car

Take the time to take care of the things you already have. Hand wash and detail the interior of your car. It helps sanitize heavy used car interior surfaces like media center, steering wheel and glove box. If it’s still too cold where you live to do the exterior of the car—focus on the interior.

Free cycle furniture

Move some furniture from the rest of your house to make your home office feel more cozy. Since you will be spending more time there, look for some air cleaning plants, pillows, photos or anything else around your home to fill in the empty spaces. In addition, you can take some of the items you brought home from you typical office setting and add them to your work area for some continuity. Find a place in your home with even lighting that outdoor sounds don’t filter through your walls and your thoughts. You could do something great in a well designed space. I bought some chalk tape and some wall adhesive strips and created a design behind me to provide a bit of fun in my home office.

Power wash outdoor areas and furniture

This has many benefits. Your outdoor areas and furniture may have gotten a little dingy since you’ve had coffee out there. Or if you use them frequently its a great place to wash often so you have less germ related spaces to worry about. Take some time to relax out there when you’re done, you deserve it!

Re-pot your plants, fertilize and prune them

Like you, maybe your plants could use a little extra love. Now is a great time to take care of something that isn’t you. Get your hands in the dirt and re-pot some of your plants, potting soil is fairly cheap and the process is messy but rewarding. Check your plants’ fertilization needs and give them what they need, and if you don’t have some of these things don’t worry pruning and pulling dead leaves off a plant makes them look much nicer and healthier.

Go for a walk 1

Get creative and do a photo essay or shoot of your immediate surroundings — can you document any changes or impacts due to the huge change we are all going through? Go do it! People like personal perspective on historical events. We are living in one of those times now.

Get even more active

Go for a long walk or hike in green space and find solitude in nature. Take your dogs, take other members of your family or just escape and frolic under a canopy of trees, along a creek, lake or if you are lucky enough some mountain or park trails await. If nature isn’t your thing, you can virtual tour a good number of national parks and museums from the comfort of your sofa.

Look up

Do some star gazing. Download one of the many apps to help identify constellations and planets that you can see. Drive out to an area that has less light pollution and go for a cosmic journey without all the stress of rocket travel.

Take care of your devices

Update all your home device software and delete unused programs. I have a few apps that I rarely use. I have taken the time to create folders and screens of apps that make sense how I use my phone. If you don’t have automatic updates checked on your phone you may be missing some vital security updates.

Get your inbox to zero

Now is the time to harness the power of google or your email app to create rules to mark unimportant communications as read or unsubscribe from things you don’t need anymore. You can look at your mail app and breathe easier knowing that you have that under control!

Work on your resume

I’m hoping you won’t need it but it may be good to work on it just in case. You’ll have a jump on the other job seekers when businesses re-open. Even if you don’t use it, you’ll have a excuse to think about the roles you’ve had and maybe your dream job will emerge from the exercise. It never hurts to be ready for anything.

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